We warmly welcome our Members’ guests. However, here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to spend time at our Club.

  • We strongly encourage the use of our valet and bag drop.
  • We ask that all guests change their shoes in the locker room.
  • Please review and comply with the dress codes as defined below.


Denim is permitted at the club, with the exception of the golf course and racquets facility. Dark-colored denim is preferred, however, fashion colors are permitted for ladies. In all cases, denim must be without excessive wear or torn areas.

While more casual attire is permitted, the following are not allowed: team jerseys, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, excessively worn or torn clothing, short shorts. No athletic attire is permitted in any dining area.

Please follow the guidelines below for what is considered proper attire.


  • Men: Collared or mock-collared shirts or turtlenecks; slacks or shorts, appropriate denim.
  • Women: Tops with collars or sleeves; slacks, shorts, long or cropped (Capri) pants, denim; leggings permitted with skirts or dresses, finger-tip length or longer tops & dresses; shoes or boots.
  • Hats permitted on patio only and must be worn in the traditional forward-facing position

Not permitted: Cargo or carpenter shorts and slacks. Shorts in the club room.


Appropriate attire for the golf course and all golf practice facilities:

  • Men: Collared or mock-collared shirts, which must remain tucked in at all times; slacks or shorts.
  • Women: Tops with collars or sleeves; skirts or shorts of appropriate length.
  • Hats or visors must be worn in the traditional forward position at all times, and must be removed in the indoor dining areas with the exception of the grill room; golf hats are permitted for women in all areas; Only soft-soled golf shoes, tennis shoes or running shoes are permitted on Golf Property. Spiked shoes of any kind are prohibited.

Not permitted: Denim, cargo or carpenter shorts or slacks, halters, short shorts and skirts, and hats that are worn backward.


Appropriate attire for swimming pool, dive bar and snack bar:

  • Men: Trunk shorts; tee shirts.
  • Women: One- or two-piece swimsuits.
  • Hats must be worn in the traditional forward-facing position.
  • Shirts, cover-ups and shoes or flip flops are required outside the pool area.
  • Denim is permitted.

Not permitted: Speedos or thongs.


Appropriate attire for all racquet facilities:

  • Appropriate non-denim athletic attire and shoes.

Not permitted: Running shoes or waffle soles.


Appropriate workout attire includes yoga or running pants, or other exercise clothing and sleeved tee shirts.

Not permitted: Halter tops, denim, men’s sleeveless tee shirts.