Our coat of arms uniquely captures the heritage of our Club. Each element represents a different aspect of our culture. The golf clubs extending from the top of the shield represent the golf amenity of BCC, as it was originally founded 100 years ago as “Birmingham Golf Club”. The crown is symbolic of the English Tudor theme of the buildings. The creed – “Honestas et Egregius” – is Latin for “honesty and excellence”; founding principles of the game of golf and in everything we do here at Birmingham Country Club.

Each color in the coat of arms represents certain strengths of our Club, its Members, and our entire service team – from groundskeepers to kitchen stewards. The RED stands for courage, energy, passion, vigor, willpower, leadership. It indicates our passion to deliver the ultimate in Member service, the energy, vigor and passion with which we execute on a daily basis, our leadership in the private club industry.

The BLUE signifies virtue, sincerity, depth and stability. It symbolizes the trust and faith we have in each other, the loyalty we have to our Club, the wisdom and intelligence we depend on in our work, the confidence we have in our knowledge and expertise, providing the ability to fulfill our mission. It is an representative of our trustworthiness, dependability and commitment to deliver our Members the very best. Above all it stands for the integrity with which we conduct ourselves.

The GOLD denotes optimism, enlightenment, happiness. It is indicative of the grandeur of our facilities, the prosperity we enjoy as a result of our commitment, and the promise of a positive future. Through our hard work and dedication, we guarantee the enjoyment of the Club by our Members, and ensure the longevity of the Club beyond its coming Centennial.

These colors, while each unique, combine to make the coat of arms that represents Birmingham Country Club, just as each member of our staff here is unique in what they bring to the entire team. Through an artist’s pen, the colors of the crest have been combined to capture an image that not only represents Birmingham Country Club, but our vision for the future.

Through teamwork and commitment, we carry out that vision and create the experience that brings it all together, just as the colors in the coat of arms come together. We must make our Club a place our Members cannot afford to leave because of the extent to which it enhances their lives; it must become the last remaining predictable environment in their otherwise chaotic lives.